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“Big Wreck’s reunion has now turned into a full-blown second coming.” –


Big Wreck’s new album Ghosts is now available in the US on iTunes, Amazon, select digital partners and in F.Y.E. stores across the country!

To purchase on iTunes, click HERE. To purchase on Amazon, click HERE. To find a copy through F.Y.E. click HERE.

Additionally, the album is now available to download and purchase for all international fans through the band’s web store HERE and through Pledge Music, which features a number of limited edition exclusives that can be purchased alongside the album.
“There are no shortage of guitar champions out there, but Thornley and his crew bring a renewed spirit and drive to guitar-based rock music in a band setting that might only be rivaled today by Dave Grohl & Co. Big Wreck’s music is smart without being smart-assed… pomp without being pompous.” –

“Big Wreck deliver an album chalk full of guitar riffy goodness, backed by an impeccable rhythm section that never fails to find their groove.” – HERE NB

“Ghosts” and “Come What May” both sound a little bit like early Police, while “Break” and “War Baby” suggest Bono and U2’s big-themed stadium anthems. “Hey Mama,” one of the best tracks here, has that acoustic/electric Eastern drone feel that Led Zeppelin were so good at decades ago.” – AllMusic

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