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Two of the most recent Big Wreck albums – ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Albatross’ – have been released in South Africa via ASP Records!

‘Albatross’ is available on SA iTunes HERE

‘Ghosts’ is available on SA iTunes HERE

Read the first South African write up on the band by Bruce Dennill HERE

“The Last two albums [Ghosts-2014; and Albatross-2012] have been such fun – the weirder the better in many ways. Its been an exercise in joy, with no interference or having to fit the chorus into the first minute or whatever. It’s quite the opposite: we’ve been pushed to see what we can do, and its the kind of thing that makes me want to work 18-hour days in the studio. There’s no doubt now. That can ruin the whole thing, but that bubble has burst.”

3 thoughts on “‘Ghosts’ and ‘Albatross’ Released in South Africa

  1. Ghosts on Vinyl in Canada? Like, this record would be on top 100 vinyl albums ever if you mastered it properly and put effort into making it into an amazing vinyl product. I suggest 180 gram, translucent turquoise in a double gatefold.

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